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for indican, as this gives some idea of the character of the diges-
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platinum wire was sealed. The current used was one of from 2.5
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cipal infectious diseases (smallpox, measles, scarlet fever,
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tinued. The patient had complained of feeling chilly
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the change* In Che blood i oi a complete review <>f the lltera-
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the part of State and local authorities, give an un-
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the vast majority of these cases occur in that class of people known
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1. Avoidance of multiplicity of operations, and therefore
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amount of nervous energy expended in a constant and
On the Treatment of Glycosuria and Diabetes Mellitus
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passed. He afterwards obtained a reprieve in order to
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one to believe that this was indeed a case of seri-
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should be religiously observed. In one of the district
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in the hands of the unskilled or the unscrupulous. No one
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untary and later under ether proved to be so. An area
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of better drainage; then it was seen that all the deeper sutures
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deliberately go in search of it, shall be punishable,
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appointed passed assistant surgeon, to rank as such from
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He, however, soon loses all memory of his fears, and all con-
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in its density and in alternating layers through wbich
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pruriens. The edema can be well reduced by leeches, and he
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therapeutics, electro-therapeutics, massage, mechanical treat-
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KAMUS, Caul, assistant surgeon. Granted fifteen days'
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differential count of the white corpuscles was as fol-
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All letters containing business communications, or referring to
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tor himself is concerned, of course he should be vac-
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agnosis is, I think, of great importance, and one I
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four times a day with tincture of cinnamon, or as an egg emul-
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Loss it is true there is, but this is minimal to what
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Duncan, Jr. Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, 1821, p.
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