Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

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of life, the indications for the operation would be

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enlarged and thoroughly revised. New York: D. Apple-

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Swain, H. T. Cases of typhoid fever simulating puerperal sepsis, 676,

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be treated for a long time with ointments, scarification, and

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Ortner reports six cases of chronic cough — dura-

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A.M., M.D. Vol. I. Twelfth Series, 1902. Philadelphia:

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which the phloridzin tests apparently furnished un-

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topography of our country is such that these red cross dogs could

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lepers, and of these there are only 106 cases of hereditary origin.

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Examiners, for examination to determine his fitness for pro-

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countered in getting a typhoid patient into a private

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the appetite by means of quinine, and climatic treatment and

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Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme