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tuberculosis has been in vain, since both medical science and phil-

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recently a committee was appointed to draft resolutions condemn-

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acter, and that it is the cause, direct or indirect, of a very large

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the liver, in the region of the gall bladder. Chole-

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when applied to the genus homo are oftentimes found ineffective,

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ginning of the aorta as usual. Across these vessels

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and 2 cm. wide, covered with whitish gray deposit of

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there was slight evidence of renal insufficiency shown


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that harm is doing and will be done by the action of the .r-rays

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Tests for the plantar reflex were made by J. M. Kernston

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or syrup. Gelsemium sempervirens, in 5- to 15-minim doses

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for the United States, Canada and Mexico; $6.56 per year for all

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not have any pain in tbe kidneys," but " have a drag-

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and he never met with any scarring as a sequela. Following

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