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fast, 7 a.m. ; steak, bread, coffee and potatoes; lasting
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Rules which appear to work out satisfactorily in animals
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Physical examination. — Temperature, 102°; pulse,
neal cavity, as adhesions had been broken up. Wound
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with an estimated population of 14,862,084, for the week
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the pyloric spasm is a large factor in the clinical
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delivered on Tuesedayes appointed for these exercises,
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Bradford, E. H. Causes of relapse after reduction of congenital dislo-
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yer, Knt.. M.D. (Loud.), F.R.C.P. (Lond.), F.R.S. (Edin.),
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virus is prepared, tested and officially stamped, just as
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cilli or not, it is very obvious that they can be of
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has long been the belief of several of the surgeons
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of the subject, namely, the intra-aneurismal or in-
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123, whooping cough 84, diphtheria 49, measles 83, small-
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20.0. Bolton 20.1, Brighton 19.0. Bristol 19.0, Burnley 19.3,
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istration of preparations of hemoglobin warrants a doubt as to
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I shall make no effort to elaborate the physiology of this sub-
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town, San Francisco. The Charity Commission of the city has
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and dilated. In one section a large group of bacilli acnes were
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what he is sure, however, is a hopeless treatment of his many
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of growth f r' m 1895 to 1900, since the State had an intermediate
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days after operation, 125 days after the beginning of
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so that said leave shall be effective from Feb. 16. Feb. 10,
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the import of salivary and nasal secretions in. 710
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increase in death-rate of the army attributed to. 863
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carefully carried out, little more is neces- ficent influence of creosote and its de-
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this is a clinical lecture, "Antiseptic Treatment of Wounds," by
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Brighton 13. K, Portsmouth 13.6, Southampton 'is. 4, Bris-
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parsed assistant surgeon, with rank of lieutenant (junior
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Abbe, R. Abdominal route for approaching rectal tumors, 107.
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ing than gravity cream. As obtained from dealers it is often
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live, and not to starve; not to toss and twist under
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increased phagocytic influence. Protoplasm, which has lost the
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arm on the left side of the brain near the top and a little
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by Bureau letter of Aug. 22, revoked. Sept. 27, 1902.

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