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will be of quite as much interest to the surgeon as

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consideration of the typhoid bacillus, and Prof. Harry

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ing improvement of the product, is at the source —

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tation and Success. By D. W. Cathell, M.D. The Twentieth Century

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of the alfection. Mentions the fact that a slight impair-

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by spells'. He used no tobacco and denied any venereal

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to be placed practically on the uterus itself, owing

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was found greatly enlarged, so that the large fissure

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that this measure will become a law, for women who have spent

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ing with it a fold of the peritoneum. It becomes invaginated in

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if it is placed on a part of the body which is sub-

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or pleurisy on the lefl ; (3) eases of marked athe-

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was made into the hernial sac in this case for the rea-

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infectious diseases, as in phthisis ; as a fattening

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admissions, but at first only severe cases were ad-

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be obliged to wear the pessaiy indefinitely, and as

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posit, when the final limit will be extended to a date not later

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* Read before the Clinical Section of the Suffolk District

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labeled paper bag a teaspoonful of what she supposed

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for Women and Children. She took an extreme interest

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less, in a certain number of light cases it will go

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seem to possess perennial interest and which make a new edition of a

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A surgeon should always pay much attention to the condition

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flex the forearm, but the power of supination is entirely lost.

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a political gathering ; direct him to see everything

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388 ; Savage, G. C., ophthalmic myology, 441 ; Schleif, \V., Lea's

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gland, in all cases in which this can be effected at

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our duty to minister to the mind as well as to the body. "The

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movement, and although the trained nurse insisted that it was

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therapeutics, electro-therapeutics, massage mechanical treat-

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peritonitis, — perhaps necrotic throughout, perhaps ne-

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Matters relating to advertising space, etc., to be addressed to the Publisher, William M.

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Bristol 16.7, Birmingham 16.5, Leicester 9.9, Notting-

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legs. After three months this became paraplegic, with complete

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the left arm. Vaccination took on the eleventh day.

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which differs slightly in composition from that ob-

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the left discolored, flexed and rigid. Gradual conva-

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ganglion operation. He has done this on the cadaver, and found

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the necropsy room ; these are fixed by the introduc-

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definitely recollects, however, that they were seen

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septicemia, one of pyemia, and two of doubtful origin. The

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seem from these statistics that no part of the skin

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is scarcely to be felt when the patient actually flexes

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patient's rectum for the purpose of exerting traction

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