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.1. T. KENNEDY, assistant surgeon. Detached from the
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These compiled statistics, quoted from Thayer, include the
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much atrophy and voluntary motions were impossible.
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disorders, Strong, L. W., 59:; infection with the bacillus of dysentery,
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sity of the light, as well as its quality, can vary
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arms did not seem to be paralyzed after he got over
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growth, the tumor returned after operation, while in 1894 the
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if he has lost confidence in his intellectual power,
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of the relative value of symptoms, the differential diag-
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mayor gave i' his hearty supporl ; ■■> bill appropriating a large sum
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1 For this Address in full see Journal Jan. 30, p. 101.
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closes rhythmically, otherwise we would not find the contents
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coils beyond a complete obstruction was not present in
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left iliac region, and have found apparently a nor-
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MA, M.D. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son & Co. 1902,
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As to giving up Paul Revere Hall, I think I can hear
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lent. Hahn thinks the great increase of tubal pregnancy noted in
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after I saw her there seemed to be rather more blood
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rior gastric wall and the first part of the jejunum.
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Sensation to touch is every where good. Sensation to
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saline solution ; its volume can be increased but little by saline in-
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case was tried in the City Court of Dublin, where the man lived,
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objected that ether is not atomic — that it is an absolutely con-
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in the day and about three times at night. The only
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of yellow fever. The work of the board, of which he
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thalmic and Aural Surgeon to the Johns Hopkins Hos-
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called upon to apologize for spending time on these subjects, and
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ease, as well as of the diseases of special branches
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excuse, from the point of view of providing a food,
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of the Revenue Cutter Service. Detail for the Board : Sur-
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Tuberculosis of the testicle, Thorndike, P., and Bailey, W. T., 12, 20;
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former years." Dr. Schroeder gives important statistics of 411
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partment, with intelligent students as assistants, to
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seem as if the typhoid were of a different type from
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sixty, 316 are due to tuberculosis alone. Persons under fifteen
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of clothes; one for the examination of patients, which includes
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\. Roseman. PflUger. Arch., Bd. ixxwi, s. 807. This article
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Cancer of the Uterus : A Clinical Monograph on its Diagno-
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the good effects of the injections to a kind of extension of the
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appendicitis were mixed, the bladder trouble being very marked.
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been greatly ameliorated by the systematic use of the cold pack.
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atte Ilacche, in a plea of deceit and falsehood; as to
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of an acute appendicitis. Pulling out the caput ceci,

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