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and capable young medical men from entering the army of the
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Dublin. This wind and the mosquito bring us the aggravated
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fit only for evil. Ignorant of their duties to them-
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9. What cases drift to " museums aud side-shows " ?
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the end result is good anyhow, but neglect of fixa-
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to 101°, the pulse remained at 120, and the patient was
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Library, No. 8 The Fenway, on Thursday, Nov. 13, 1902, at
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attitude, which is opposed to all progress, but, on
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only, by a host, and doubtless by a mosquito host, we
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sity of the light, as well as its quality, can vary
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than when entirely buried in the tissues, and I find
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Harley. Arch. f. Anat. u. Physiol., 1894, p. '291; British Medical
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waters have immunity from, or decreased liability to, malarious diseases,
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Portsmouth 13.3, Southampton 10.0, Plymouth 13.3, Bris-
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3. Hirst. Transactions Obstetrical Society, Philadelphia, 1890.
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The American Academy of Medicine will hold its twenty-
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tended diffusely Into other portions of the lateral tract.
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chief limitation being in rotation at right angle; tro-
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mostat at a temperature of 37.5° C. for twenty-four
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thropists that no better or more profitable invest-
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tion are attacked than has heretofore been known. "The state-
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Lecturer and Demonstrator in Pathology, the Owens Col-
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a single cow, for the reason that its quality is less
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neys much involved. Very bad case for operation, but
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well developed. They are apt to be cases of cavities, surrounded
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lishment of a public hospital in the Borough of the
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0,451 ; acute diseases of the respiratory organs (London)
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and of the history of the disease is also necessary.
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The next possibility in this case was that of a trau-
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increasing ; cancers of the extremities have dimin-
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festations? (7) Is he now leading a steady life? (8) Find out
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