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ten days or two weeks, without more ado than taking the tem-
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exists still, establishing a communication between the vaginalis
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She was accustomed to drink three or four cups of tea
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requests that special precautions be taken to prevent the presence
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marize the results, and finally to report its clin-
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An official crusade is about to be instituted in France against
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Holmdel Valley. No opposition. Good paying practice,
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pean Surgical Clinics in 1902 " ; Dr. Mary F. Hobart, " A Case
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feet and extending from a line about 50 miles west,
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housekeeping, including cooking, but to render as much service
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were those of children below the age for vaccination.
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case was tried in the City Court of Dublin, where the man lived,
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the previous experiments, there is a rapid development of acidity
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Philadelphia 20, Baltimore 2, Pittsburg 10, Boston 4,
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ending Oct. 4, the death-rate was 17.0. Deaths reported,
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173, whooping cough 103, diphtheria 53, measles 156, small-
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seen in children, as almost all people are attacked
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looked and which is rarely mentioned, is the toler-
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below the pectoral fold there is a distinct yellowish
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The culture showed a few organisms, probably sapro-
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231, whooping cough 141, diphtheria 79, measles 112, small-
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the inhabitants, for the nineteenth ward does not differ in these
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Nierenkrankhelten mit einem Beitrag zur Lehre von derUra-
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Successful candidates will be numbered according to
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4,1 Paper by Or. Cory in the transactions of the Epidemiological
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two recent cases and eighty-two collected from the literature, 494.
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insurance statistician, gives the following figures :
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ourred at a later period, and this is certainly the
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Gerster, the authority unique, in this country, in asepsis and anti-
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