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would promise little with an exploratory incision. The relative in
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fibres, which go to the lemniscus, were normal. In the
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crime, could the crime have been definitely proved.
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seven and seventeen. It may develop in the form of paranoia,
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cytes, but in smaller number than in Case I. In the
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Goffe, J. R. Intra-abdominal shortening of the round ligaments per
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the consumptive is apt to turn the night into day, going to bed
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*0., cloudy; C, clear; F., fair; G., fog; H., hazy; S., smoky,
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of the Boston Society of Medical Improvement appointed to con-
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good, abdomen perceptibly enlarging, and patient filling out all
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states that ' to a large extent not only each country
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the opening. The cavity was thoroughly irrigated with
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on the blood, gastric contents, intestinal parasites,
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continued for a month or six weeks and then removed.
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method of treating hemophilia, that is, by giving the
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be shown. Cantrowitz is very skeptical in this respect. He
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anemia, and diffuse cirrhosis of the liver, suggests an origin from
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the World, i- •* 1901, and of the measures employed Id different
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were so, would not negative ions demonstrate these same light-
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isms which are introduced into the genital tract by
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reflex, or are due to vasomotor disturbances, or the circulation of
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