Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

such as ventral suspension, ventral fixation, or the Alexander

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from the standpoint of the difficulty of correcting satisfactorily

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the clinical history of a 48-year-old man who suffered from

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The second case was that of a female, who had resided in the

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Massage is one of the most essential features in the treatment

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cates the adoption of the fasting treatment. (10) Fasting and

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in the region of the neck, and gave internally the fol-

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Agnew reported a case in which he removed a growth of this char-

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ology, especially adapted for the Use of Medical Students.

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who are waiting in the small room between the ambu-

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with constant defeat or the public must continue to suffer the

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trance a clonic convulsion, after which she could not be

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were almost completely involved, while in the lateral

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Legal Medicine. A case of possible morphine poisoning, a difficult

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