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difficulty in his attempts to increase the flexibility
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Fig. 10. Epithelioma. Eight to nine years' duration,
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Paraffin injections, subcutaneous, in nasal surgery. 77
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with Dame Nature and should realize that uninfected excretions
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the left arm. Vaccination took on the eleventh day.
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cure could be effected in a few months by simple dilatation, but
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surgeon in charge of the Santa Rosa quarantine station
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been put into operation, and the history of the out-
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difficult breathing has been both inspiratory and ex-
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turing a diagnosis of aortic stenosis, and attributes
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they are only too often lost if the number of auditors
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whole of this tract as soon as possible is manifest.
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killed Mamie Small, Feb. 13, 1899, was 45 years old.
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scribe it to its narcotic effect. In collapse, they
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Allusion was made to the difficulties in diagnosis in some
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tion of these troubles, "emotion gone mad," is very expressive;
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organization of Samaritaner, or first-aid relief system in city and
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infection. Twenty-five injections were made in twenty-nine days,
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paraiysis. The child has improved gradually so that she
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but child will not point out the exact locality. X-ray
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of suitable cases, in substituting for the tents which
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It is not to be reckoned on that memorials to the proper authori-
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the disinclination to examine too carefully patients
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stated that this affection was a rare one, appearing
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scientific results by statistics, and finds that tuber-
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nancy, and she had been feeling, previous to the on-
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ton Fagge, M.D., F.R.C.P., sometime physician at Guy's
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vaccinated, but no inspection of them afterward to see
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ses soon followed by death in the unoperated cases.
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at American Congress of Tuberculosis, revoked. May 7,
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Abbott, S. W. Legislation, with reference to smallpox and vaccination,
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In other instances one lip is long and the other short. The mar-
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laryngitis in measles, the question is whether lar-
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gery belong ? (2) What is the order of this book in re-
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aneurisms, the sac is simply grafted -upon a nearly
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in its downward descent until rupture of another Graafian follicle,
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.1. .J. I;., twenty-two years of age, was admitted to
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he said: "About five out of six — if I pay atten-

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