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presence of indol in the circulating blood. This substance acts as a poison

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diseased namely hypertrophied hypertrophied and dilated dilated

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table of Anders which shows an aggregate of applica

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at Western Reserve College. He was an explorer one of the

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marginal ulcerations. The most destructive and rap

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agglutinating to per cent. are nearly all very seriously ill sub

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appendage for perfused oxygen saturation. The instrumentation and

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Agriculture presented to the Ophthalmological Section a

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puerperal and traumatic septicaemia the external lesion

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but contains small amounts of albumin epithelial cells

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Peaches and prunes were selected for these experiments also which

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in the harbor of Melbourne Australia. Here he was taken ill with typhoid

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Cleveland Medical and Surgical Reporter for January prompts

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B. Human Lung. Area of broncho pneumonia showing destruction of bronchial

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cept in cases which had already existed several weeks and which.

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further imagine animals grazing on the margin of it while on

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honesty of purpose and purity of motive which we claim for

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great impetus toward physical education and students coming to

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ment of a thick cloudy peritoneal exudate rich in leucocytes and in

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strings attached to slides and which gives the position of the foreign

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Present state The patient has now the aspect of an early case of

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in the same direction and embarrassment of circulation

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terior part of the orbit also afford a resistance to the tco

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was about. F. the cyanosis and dyspnea increased and the patient died

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Hansen Abderhalden and others have indicated that the animal body

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non production of indol are like the typhoid bacilli in the

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blood of healthy adults. It is evident from these findings that the

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two of which had been recently under his own observation. I append

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dependence of the phenomena on blood poisoning derived

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garded as a palliative measure of great value in the

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Division reported more cheese made on farms than any other geo

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Henderson entered on his duties with coixcsponding hopes.

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the mother while she was carrying the child. They have

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of living. We find the patient generally to be neuropathic so that any

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by surgical processes and this is not surprising in view of

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ing and even the evil wrought by over drugging. Hence we

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