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in common : the nuclei of their epithelium are situ-
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States Army, died Nov. 23, at the age of forty-five. He
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stacles in the way, which would have to be overcome,
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tightly was impossible owing to the situation. The author then
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J. M. Steele, surgeon. Detached from the Torpedo Sta-
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— in the habit of treating my tabetic patients by
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culi. When the tumor is benign, the hemorrhage generally pre-
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appears to have relatively little effect upon cattle,
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sleep it might be advisable to place the head and thorax as nearly
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minster Hospital; Lecturer on Clinical Medicine; Joint
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and so to create a posterity which should perpetuate and evolve
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hardening is the result or one of the causes of the
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about thirty inches long was found to have slipped be-
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observed in almost any painful condition of the abdomen, intes-
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of the third day he went to pieces again and never ral-
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least recurrence it should be at once dissected out,
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tal feeding, has had no gastralgia, and is feeling well
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Naval Hospital, Norfolk, Va., and to duty with torpedo
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in part to the greater liability of a soft and flex-
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in this very large class of doubtful head injuries.

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