Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

sane Hospital for the Y r ear Ending January 31, 1902. Illus-

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the original uterine seat of the disease. It there-

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$350,000 to the Roosevelt Hospital, lias ordered the con-

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I were ever so competent. However, I will give as my opinion

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'Road before the Suffolk District Section of the Massachusetts

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February, 1901. Limps at times, some irritability of

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parasite. So, constantly meeting each season, over the entire ter-

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He was sick for four or five days, with fever and consid-

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out reasonable excuse at any of the said four times,

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An acute secondary glaucoma due to an intraocular tumor

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1899, cxl, 447; Philadelphia Medical Journal, January, 1901.

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Naval Hospital, Chelsea, Musm., and ordered to duty at

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the rabbit does acquire tolerance to the administra-

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in plain English, for if you wish to insult the dignity of woman

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quinine. During that period there had been a persistent though

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brilliant or pellucid substance, and on its surface

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was advised to continue her residence there, as the

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producing glycosuria acts chiefly upon the cells of the pancreas

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sider measles, scarlet fever, and so on, as the cause

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i :. Same, Mrfffa leal up, showing supports Folded back.

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Certainly it is not an insecticide. It will not kill the chigger or

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of their malady. The law should provide for a five-years' deten-

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processes, it seems reasonable to conclude that the tu-

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cial meeting of the society will be held at Sprague Hall,

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is only a temporary weakness of an arm or leg, or of both, of one

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Foster, G. W. The legal vs. the medical test of responsibility, 459.

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affected secondarily. Dalton says the irritability of the sensitive

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oik- daj ■ March 29, 1902, under paragraph 179 of the regu-

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fourths square metres was treated with a thin coat-

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it is now impossible to trace the cases. They all, how-

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of a successful case of gunshot wound of the stomach and liver with pos-

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almost any home. It is often of value to wash out the stomach,

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ends of those last introduced, left long and carried

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Naval Museum of Hygiene and Medical School, Washing-

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• Surgical Diseases of the Kidnej and Ureter, London, 1901, 1,

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