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con. Ridpath's History of the World, or other books.

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lation. The American Pharmaceutical Association has passed


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Uterus " ; Dr. W. H. White, " Electricity, its Use in Gyne-

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relive the moment meaning

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and enlightened by modern conceptions of the true nature of

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The Hands. — My left hand was of little use ; I could not

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4,734; acute diseases of the respiratory organs (London)

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specialist, — the general practitioner of medicine.

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with a slight flushing of the conjunctival membrane

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Nutrition in Pulmonary Tuberculosis. By A. W. Perry,

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that they may degenerate into carcinoma, for Brualt

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ing Full Details for the Use of Travellers, Sportsmen, Soldiers

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M.D., with regular correspondents in Montreal, Londoni

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that it is ten times more common than dilatation from obstruc-

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of the bill: "It will centralize all administration,

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indeed, in the majority of cases we are not depend-

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Five of the cases were complicated by malaria, one by a strongy-

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3. Give Osier's quotations from the following authors :

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organization of Samaritaner, or first-aid relief system in city and

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