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paralysis to a slight degree of the left thigh and calf;
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•cocci and various bacteria. In this case a course of thiocol treat-
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frequency as well as severity, until the intervening periods did
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diseases, whooping cough, erysipelas, fevers and consump-
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proportional to the strength of the solution. Next, the blue is
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wise perfectly healthy. The condition may persist after all other
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brown surface. On section markings distinct. Cortex
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brought to my knowledge either in the way of consulta-
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was excised and sent to Dr. Wright, who pronounced it
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the " Columbia," and ordered to the Naval Hospital, New-
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ent, as the next step in the treatment will be directed toward its
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The most Important paper read was that of Professor
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retrodisplacements of the uterus, Mann, M. D., 464; non-operative treat-
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volvement apparently of the respiratory and cardiac
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scopy. — Sixty-five and ninty-five hundredths gm.
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an antiseptic solution of any strength you may desire, which, unlike
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" straining pains" in region of bladder and urethra.
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of partial lesion, with care it ought to be possible
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paper is largely made, have been careful in requir-
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ing, the author introduced citations from various clinical reports,
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When this is accomplished, a large percentage of tuberculous
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Pain in localized infectious processes of different
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Lesions of the appendages, the conservative surgery of 560
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through right semilunar line, parallel with and four
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the infantile characteristics of long cervix, small
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of absence for fourteen days from Sept. 9,1902. Sept. 15, 1902.
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On the sixth day the patient became languid, the axillary
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mine was once called. He found a young and powerful man
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scar in tissue quite different from that of the cornea, one that
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of the medical association is one which is productive of real good.
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Transactions of the Pathological Society of London, 1858-
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1 Read before the Clinical Section of the Suffolk District Medical

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