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deformity. In another case 11 the patient claims to
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embryology in the Harvard Medical School, he became
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which does not conform to these pictures is strange
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as typical of so-called Landry's paralysis ; it was
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mouth, Va., Nov. 10. In 1901 he was appointed assis-
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these dilations is absolutely a matter of conjecture,
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pears to increase the vitality of the least differ-
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tain twenty-four endowed cots. — Journal of the American Med-
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the erection of the edifice of medicine under these circumstances
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was a very hot day, this child was taken while at play
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Naval Academy at Annaj>olis from the Second Congres-
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is not too strong to be burst by the advancing head; for the
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chemist has maintained that alcohol not only is not a poison,
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issue; government authority and aid must be had, and doubtless
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tures on the feeding and care of infants before the
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Larymore sent specimens of the plant to England for identifica-
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River, Mass., Otologist and Laryngologist to the Fall River
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which, for this reason, the mass of the tumor is not
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ried and superficial. The blood pressure is greatly
written contracts under seal is abolished, the bet-
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is to place the spittoon and contents in boiling water, to remain
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a short time daily, but still complained of some pain.
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sociations, with Text Figures and ten Plates. By Boris
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These stones were composed of uric acid, and were all about the

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