Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

Robert Bell, M.D., M.M.S.S., died in Roxbury, July 4. shopping list
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versity for six semesters, and after that gained some medical
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cussion by Dr. H. P. Walcott, Dr. Theobald Smith, Dr.
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ing, and the eliptical sbaped piece of skin between
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ciation, Dr. J. W. S. Gouley (reported in Journal of the American
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sections, conscious of their traditions and directed
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16. How did Eryximachus treat the hiccough of Aris-
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death ; typhoid fever, 30 cases, 6 deaths; measles,
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some support to their families, bereft of the wage-
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Buboes that threaten to suppurate, the treatment of. 152
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operations, which I shall report, there is little to
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and his concern was to interpret its extrinsic con-
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tesimal quantity? The following theory may not be worthy of
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and pyramids deep red in color. Glomeruli visible as
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change of position, a great relief will be afforded.
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out from Blackshear's Mill creek, east or west, he leaves his para-
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six months in the county jail. Provided, however, that this act
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— if need be, at once — on the operating table,
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instant and painful destruction of the corneal tissue that both

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