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condition of the posterior nares of schoolchildren, and inquired
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sisted in the vain effort to hear them intelligibly.
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That many of these toxins act through the vasomotor nerves,
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use it again, that is, the use of suprarenal before
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to the use of tin: cautery in cases that are other-
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as in external mucous membranes. He finds adrenalin a most
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their ability to see. This unfortunately has not received the
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genital cleft in the soft palate, who was fitted to
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statements of the Christian scientist and the facts of the relation
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tissue is found in the feces after the patients have been eating
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quarantine station, and report to medical officer in command
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self to the creation of the fistula fully as well as
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the original dose and kept up for several months longer, the idea
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Tent Life and Simplicity in Therapeutics as Factors in
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flexion, traction, and compression, while the tractus nervosa is
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The mission is one worthy of imitation among all nations, and
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danger of his carrying infection from one patient to
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wounds. A sufficient number of cases is now on record to dem-
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fusion regarding place and time manifested Itself with
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tubercular cases. (2) On the shape of the white and the red
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great thirst, ravenous appetite, and frequent micturition; passes
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Brighton 17.2, Portsmouth 14.1, Southampton 11.1. Bris-
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asleep, and the thought came into my head to kill the
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edema. The temperature ranged from 102° F. to 100° F.
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• lie poisoning of the blood, etc. — may exert on the endocardial
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