Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

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tery, tropical fevers, peritonitis, diseases of the
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Diakanon. Zur Frage nach dem Einfluss der Alkohols auf < I i <;
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The question is, should these cases have been given the ven-
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Nuevitas, Cuba, relieving Acting Assistant Surgeon O. W.
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for its organ, the Journal of Medicine and Science.
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Clarke's nucleus the nuclei were centrally placed, and
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ending March 8, the death-rate was 20.5. Deaths reported
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extraction should be a matter of little difficulty.
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through his guidance of the work of others, and the
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under observation, and I have not regretted it, al-
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Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon-General's
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ness and should practically fall by its own weight into
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reported from the drainage of gonorrheal joints it was
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quite threatening, accompanied by regular rhythmical
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I want to close with a single little bit of advice.
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the older nationalities the vine and the olive were
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Illustrated. Philadelphia: P. Blakistou's Son & Co.
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observations furnished by Sergeant J. W. Smith of the
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Lieut.-Col. William Moir, I. M.S., died April 10, in
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This case was vividly recalled by the present illness.
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contents of patients suffering from chronic gastric
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magnificent plates with which it is adorned have ever been equaled in
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has done his work well and in a thoroughly aseptic manner, at
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with thickened walls. All gall-bladders which do not permit
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tions during construction and after completion of the
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The Operations of Surgery, intended especially for the
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with fixed ideas that are false, and these ideas are
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the night without being disturbed with cough. The secretions
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breathing out its infantile and agonized existence,
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good roads, good society, fine farming country, and near

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