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strychnia internally, with diuretics and astringent
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vocal cords, it is true, are only occasionally visi-
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(1) When did he consult a physician in the matter? (2)
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students at a time. Meanwhile the professor talks on
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height of digestion, but there is a great combined acidity. The
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Artificial Eye. By L. Webster Fox, A.M., M.D., Philadel-
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should be denounced from one end of the land to the
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say a word in his own justification, or at least de-
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Langdon Down, who has taken up the etiology of the various
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as the result of diminished resistance, the muscles
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consists of an infiltration of blood in the cellular
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study revealed the sign only of disease, the resultant effect of bad
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drained both at the lower angle of the incision and
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parietal peritoneum on the right side of the pelvis
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49; uremic aphasia, Riesman, D., 50; recent progress in genito-urinary
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Henry J. Garrigues, A.M., M.D. Illustrated. Philadel-
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Linley, W. J., acting assistant surgeon. Granted thirty
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at seven millions, was waiting at the door of the hos-
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Brief book reviews can hardly fail of being trite ;
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accomplished in the gray substance of the nervous centers. Each
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and hot water and in bichloride solution as soon as
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during the daytime. Running water and escaping steam bring-
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you may call anyone up, after they have read a thing
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his death was attending surgeon at the Orthopedic Hospi-
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