Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

fore, though of great value for the relief of pain,

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itis of the hip, of which 80 were less than fifteen

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cancer, of which 26 were in the western part of the

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was normal ; the sounds regular and clear; the pulse was

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days ; relapses were not noticed. Although at the onset severe

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smaller, for with a total of 1,100 cases there were

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was at the vulva, with forceps, and the perineum was so slightly

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( 1 ) Fasting or a restricted diet is indicated because of

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lobe are seen to be a typical bronchopneumonia of moderate

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When, however, the disease is once established, the patient

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very numerous in some nodules but not in others, their place

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ilis, to this professional audience there is no need

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almost to 106 . The father made innumerable blood examina-

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coming to the hospital. He had passed perfectly clear

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quarantined for a considerable period of time at his

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ter," which is located a little higher up than that for the

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thorized to select one from the medical officers of

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ance of prophylaxis and its possibilities in the saving of human

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Some of the stubs were inoculated directly and others after a

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tion is concerned assumes many shapes — for example, there may

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use when he knows its value. There is nothing to compare with

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the cavity greatly dilated and filled with soft solid ma-

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Gall bladder was stitched to parietal peritoneum with

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and of Some Other Diseases. Clinical Society 's Transactions, 1878,

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cerine. When the process of grinding and mixing with

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lators in season and out of season, that a national

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ating, like too great reliance on laboratory methods,

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■ : Ettmea' Practical Guide to the Public Health Arts, p. •;•'!'.).

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