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Ten Volumes on the Year's Progress in Medicine and Sur-

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great majority of cases no symptoms whatever. But it certainly

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Philadelphia; first vice-president. Dr. G. C. Savage, Nashville,

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sputum pocket flask, squares of paraffined paper should be pro-

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electricity. Present condition excellent except that

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immigrants from the rural districts of Eastern Can-

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also thigh. Foot held in position of valgus. Anterior

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employed. It slides over the liner particles, leaving

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A CASE of web fingers associated with anomalies of the

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It is thus seen that the chief difference lies in the

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opportunities to get in step with tbe march of progress

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prised to see Miss W. stumbling about in her efforts to

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MS. of the preceding cases, this case presented, it

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ologie, only thirteen pages are given to it. At the

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be benefited by or stand any interference. As it ap-

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health authorities of the village of Ossining (for-

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1903) suggests the following questions be put to a syphilitic appli-

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cleansing of the interior of the uterus with fingers or instruments,

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of ill health, in the above list, the total number of

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little over two children to the marriage, much like

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A careful consideration of the cases quoted does not justify the

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All letters containing business communications, or referring to

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the Board: Surgeon P. H. Bailhache, chairman; Passed

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until death on the seventh day. On the sixth day, there

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Wigan ; London 13.4, West Ham 12.5, Croydon 9.8, Brigh-

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in destruction. If, however, the young cells diminished markedly

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in particular are disposed to an attack of convulsions on the

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was up in three weeks, the abdominal incision being

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of small intestine was adherent, the appendix was met with. It

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vessels of the dura, but nowhere did it present the ap-

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the use of ether, are absent in the vast majority of chloroform

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ceived in a flask containing melted agar, kept fluid

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plegia, involving the seventh nerve, and' that this

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quarts of green, foul gastric contents were expressed.

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cational institution, where the patients are taught

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Beginning with January, 1902, the term "great towns"

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ness and should practically fall by its own weight into

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the tumor cells, which are like the inner layer of the

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uriantly out of the supposition that it is possible to solve an equa-

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