Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

25. Herz. Zeitschr. f. Orthop. Chir., Bd. viii. No. 1.

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The Mexican government, which has taken a deep interest in

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thoroughly wash out his stomach with sterilized water at about

themselves. Detail for the Board : Surgeon Fairfax Irwin,

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dren when they become ill, and that failure or refusal to give

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Dr. Marmorek, of the Paris Pasteur Institute, is said to have

urine negative; guinea-pig tests negative as to tuber-

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evening of dizziness aud headache, followed by vomit-

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processes sleeping in tents. Others of the same type

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cholesterin crystals, with a few fatty and epithelial cells, were

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flexed, the second and third phalanges being incapable

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the anteroposterior balance, involving pelvis, legs,

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males at about the nineteenth or twentieth year, and in females

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The placenta was delivered immediately, and was apparently

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activated; thus deep breathing is of value to those suffering from

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smallest village, need suffer for lack of a surgeon

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gioiis Diseases in Schools, issued i>j the Medical Officers of

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pain, referred to his stomach. Next day the parents

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I wish now to call your attention briefly to those betes noires

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has already done much for the profession by continuing the pub-

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geal joints ; the Angers were pressed together, the

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idly failing. A single course of injections. This case,

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in front of a vertical line drawn through the ear, and dis-

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ment, it is only known by its phenomena. The lily has yielded its

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strated the existence in the blood of epileptics of

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the disease favors the belief that the separated foci

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tion are attacked than has heretofore been known. "The state-

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demonstrated her fitness and capacity for good work in our pro-

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cle of toilette, was originally put upon the market

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lungs or by the skin in a gaseous form?" The prize offered

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viz., complete removal of the disease, and preservation of the

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avoidance of red meat, alcohol, tea and coffee, and

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mitted to the Relief Station at one o'clock on Sept. 24,

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History of present trouble : Began three and a half years ago

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Nottingham 18.0, Plymouth 18.4, Preston 18.4, Salford 22.1,

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Molten metal and slag, when retained beneath the eyelids,

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disappeared, and she left my care in seven weeks, able to attend

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