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the highest prices for cast-off clothing, old feather
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successful manufacture necessarily implies that degree of care
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committee having this affair in charge is Dr. Guyon ; the secre-
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of reducing congenital hip-joint dislocation was not original with
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additions and a refutation of Scaliger's criticisms. Other
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absolutely out of the question on account of the mental
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of the editor and his contributors, and of the pains-
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tion is concerned assumes many shapes — for example, there may
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to have a calmative effect, which baths of shorter duration failed
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were so close together that it would have been impossible
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who had to l>c lifted into the hot-air apparatus
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disease, but positive on the thirty-eighth and later.
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Q. How is that "diluted " spelled? D-i-1-u-t-e-d — is
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pains. "It is not possible to decide always whether these pains are
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faces are mended in a similar manner, using one flat-iron for
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garding the cause of the difficulty, I fear, are too
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symptoms predominated at first ; the motor paralysis
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if the latter be substantiated, as to give it a place
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the bacillus is recoverable on the seventeenth day.
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Ola-gow. Trans. American LaryngoloRlcal Association, 1888, 161.
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foration one-half an inch long was found in the ileum,
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Glennan, A. H., surgeon. Granted leave of absence for
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to strain the lungs, heart and vascular system gen-
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are not too many anywhere, a man whose scientific at-
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is so fatal, that the author hopes to "awaken an in-
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certain proportion it will be found that the method
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All individuals meeting any one of the above conditions
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hold these before the face inhaling the air through
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bile stained. It brought with it many flakes of fibrin
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hemorrhoids did not give her full relief, and she con-
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isfy his other patients, and the sentiment of the com-
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part of the obstetric art and is sufficiently settled
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any medicine or by the use of any other means or agency what-
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up, but the arms only partially cleared. Had a great
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to .settle legal questions, he would be justified in
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