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W. Janowski (Sammhing klin. Vortrdge, No. 333), sum-
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of invasion of the prostate by tuberculosis I shall
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accessible, placed at a convenient height, supplied with lids that
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possess the merit of fat. Twelve grammes of butter would furnish
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leave of absence for 30 days from March 5. March 11,
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Pathogenen Mikro-organismen umfassend Bacterien, 1 ilze
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is still less in the female, for generally it is neither hard nor
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several cases, male and female, recorded by the author the fol-
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disability. — M. I)., age seventy, laborer; was admit-
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a portion of the living tissue. This freedom from any reaction
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When called at 9 it was difficult to secure a quorum of
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When a case of diphtheria occurs in a hospital the other children
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to the spring in the rear of his home, and, holding
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pation. Her family history contained nothing bearing
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they were years old. Children over four received i J /2 grammes
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and as a matter of common observation, the surface is
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losing his family and quite nearly his own life with this disease,
spastic or spastic-ataxic paraplegia ; two are cases
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