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are interested in the project, and it is at present
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extreme cases hypodermoclysis and even intravenous injections
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men of ours began to centre their attention in nar-
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York 22, Philadelphia 3, Pittsburg 9, Boston 3, Lynn 2,
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bacteria. High percentages of glycerine with water dif-
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As to the mental condition in the neurasthenic, the failure of
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fact, be doubted that any small production of energy re-
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reliable in this respect than either leucocytosis or
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ago with progressive optic nerve atrophy, and his vis-
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Brooklyn, N. Y., died on March 23 at the age of fifty-one.
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1 Re;ul before the Obstetrical Society of Boston, March 18, 1902.
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" straining pains" in region of bladder and urethra.
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dike, and especially because its conclusions accord,
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jugular veins exposed and ligated. Operation difficult
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of degeneration were to be found in the leucocytes,
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Minor Surgery and Bandaging, including the Treatment
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boundary between the secondary and purely nervous form of
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on the alimentary canal, and undoubtedly has an injurious effect
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of these casts was found to be in the dilated bronchi of one of the
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food, but it may be of great use in convalescence from disease.
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nal ring is made — the only difficult part of the
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That with very few exceptions the nervous system, whether
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happen that the careful examination of one specimen
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pulse 78, but up to 4 p.m. he vomited frequently. The
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severe than the preceding one. During these attacks
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ods of preparation retains its strength in the tis-
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M.D., Bad Nauheim, formerly of New York. Illustrated.
and its differentiation is perfectly simple to those
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The next day some serum was pressed from the abscess
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and during the Civil War served as a surgeon in the Union

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