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Bristol 12. H, Birmingham 17.9, Leicester 14.2, Nottingham
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slight, a few blood corpuscles, a few granular casts,
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For the week ending Aug. 23, in Boston, according to
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All communications for the Editor, and all books for review
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pregnancy, yet Dr. Elliot's is the only one of com-
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defense of its members, which has been in practical
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is the influence of a theory, for good or for evil.
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tively, before entrance to the hospital. The charac-
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after thorough preliminary irrigation, is often of great value.
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Such in a very crude way is a suggestion, which pos-
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In the pelvis, the line of incision through the perito-
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violet zone of the spectrum; (3) actinic rays derived from high-
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Banks, C. E., surgeon and medical purveyor. Granted
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servations furnished by Sergeant J. W. Smith of the United
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The causes of infantile convulsions, according to G. J. Ellis
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The labium majus was swollen and covered with orifices of fistulas
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was a dry tap though needle felt free in pleural cavity.
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fact brought out by these statistics is that while the
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less disease against which it is useless to struggle;
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ceive of ether as matter. We do not feel the least inclination to
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impacted in the larnyx. It had apparently caused death.
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The Portuguese state that the culture of their germ generally
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All communications regarding papers, reports, etc., should be addressed to the Editor
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tics in this country. The question is one so lmpottant ami so
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as in locomotion, the resulting vascular dilatation
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dent of William and Mary College, at which both the de-
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at first to the stranger whose German is as yet imper-
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cerebrospinal meningitis 11, smallpox 20, measles 32, diar-
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and do away with the necessity of operation upon the mastoid
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the physiology of pancreatic diseases. He said that
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for relief, and if relief is not afforded, it calls

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