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(f>) What, if any, textbook or textbooks do you use?

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of the ureter, and might be entirely impossible in a

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the sore was still moist and oozing, he had an eruption

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W. Hahn {Munch, vied. Woch., Feb. 16, 1903) has given

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Instruments and Apparatus. A self-retaining tongue depressor,

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nose, navel, gastro-enteric tract and into the skin

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Manchester 22.1, Newcastle-on-Tyne 18.1, Norwich 16.3,

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revaccination in every infected locality ; the provi-

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without opening the abdominal wall have not been adopted.

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Murray, R. D., surgeon. Granted leave of absence for

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total acidity, 77 per C. Fasting contents at 4 p.m.,

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right external rectus muscle. The canal of the ear was filled

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may be early affected and show a marked ataxia. It is well to

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of the Suffolk District Medical Society Nov. 27, luul.

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