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instance had tuberculosis of the lungs appeared as a sequel of

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Under the first condition the resistance may be ex-

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Carter, H. R., surgeon. Leave of absence for 10 days

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cases, wherever there is any suspicion of rupture of

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tongue, the seat of the lesion, at once relieved much

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A test breakfast was given, and an attempt was made

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repeat the irrigation at regular intervals of eight

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cases that came to autopsy nine showed a single large abscess

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Chauveau et Kaufmann. Comptes Rend, de l'Acad. des Sciences,

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gastric mucosa, is twice as powerful in destroying protozoa as

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rence of iodism and hydrargyism. It is best given in cachets

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that by the erection of an additional building:, the

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this figure the limits of the different chambers visi-

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insect hosts; (2) that all facts observed about the

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and auscultatory percussion will be of considerable

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and cabbage. At 5.30 p.m. was kicked in the " pit of

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toxic in its action. In order to demonstrate the value of this

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2. Endocarditis due to known bacterial agencies — e.g., strep-

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intra-uterine life. It surrounds the entire fetus, being connected

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little in the scalp. Two weeks aftervaccination, while

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(i) Strictures at the meatus, being ordinarily dense, require

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liver, jaundice, and fever, and without ascites, is accompanied in a

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at the root of its spine causes an active elevation of

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ward to a violent one with closer confinement and fewer privi-

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about one half as much as that when the kidneys are

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' Female genital organs, gastric troubles resulting

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cisco, and still appears to linger in the latter city,

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between the age of forty and sixty. Tt is first no-

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opiates, he has accomplished great things, when, as a matter of

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Dr. Weber (Therapeutische Moruttshefte, 1903, H. 1) says

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while you cannot give all forms of baths in the patient's home, yet

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easy to fix the time of the eruption than the begin-

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cause, or that both the changes in the liver and in

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quickly, and to prevent this I arrange that a smaller capsule con-

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216; the new and cardiac symptoms of high altitude, Swan, W. H., 249;

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Borchgrevink {Deutsche med. JVochenschrift, No. 3, 1903)

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low death-rate for children is characteristic of the

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ing of it to the pathologist for examination, would

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secretion in these cases was idiopathic, so called,

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sequel showed, it is highly probable that the act of

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in Friedreich's ataxia; but in hereditary cerebellar

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the wound, gave a bluish-black appearance to the skin. It might

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slightly with eosin. A few cells with trilobate nuclei are observed.

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cisco, and still appears to linger in the latter city,

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army, and the presumption is that his testimony as to

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for 1902 will be delivered in the Hall of the College of Phy-

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He was also president of the New York Obstetrical So-

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The operation itself is very simple — just peeling

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same. This improvement he attributes to the milk therapy. The

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The common uses and modes of giving iodoform I shall not

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mal anteriorly, shading into purple posteriorly. On

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