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France and Belgium. On their return they recommended

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taneous" ai applied t« Infectious diseases Is also questionable.

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From the Orthopedic Clinic of the Carney Hospital, Boston.

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wood directly under the spade and kicked the supporting beam

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never seen a case of smallpox at all. It is true the

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block could easily be removed and so let the bench fall, together

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to appreciate its significance in a degree which will induce self-

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cord. In the oblongata, however, at the level of the hy-

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South in 1865. With a spirit and a purpose which were

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in the treatment of curvature of the triangular cartilage, Brown, P., 162;

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kept him in perpetual torment; the Lord had appeared


difficulty in opening the sac and dissecting it away

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aract which have been reported are so exceptional that they must

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Ankylostomiasis, the Most Common of the Serious Diseases

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Glenn AN, A. II., surgeon. To report at Washington,

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"Buffalo" and ordered to recruiting duty with Ensign


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above, but without the tickets for the demonstrations.

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11 Kr<Tppelin'9 Psychologiscbe Arbeiten, 1890, i, 008.

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first portrait, I took the subject of it into my mind,

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then, the possibility of dislocating the kidney suffi-

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cular system. In the first hours after the perfora-

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or dentist, and such prescription may be filled only once. It is

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after another in spite of care is a very common observation. (9)

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The divine injunction, "Be fruitful and multiply," is often

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to St. Francis Hospital, and $500 each to the St. John's

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of the protection afforded by disinfection and vac-

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refusal to grant a charter to the Eddyites. The Supreme Court

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