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over the surface <»f a thigh and into the vagina by
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curring more frequently, and that each one was more
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the vision, neither medicinal nor operative interference can bring
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for his act. The verdict of the jury was murder in the
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105°. He was sick 10 days, when he developed an osteo-
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and clinical signs of general infection, such as joint inflammations,
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1. In all cases of constipation or diarrhea where the cause is
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in the early days of the antitoxic serum in diphtheria.
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the Naval Hospital, Newport, R. I., and ordered to the
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when incorporated into the blood, first stimulates,
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mittee of the Massachusetts Association of Boards of
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toms later probably due to cystocele); treated with
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of the legs, sciatic and anterior crural, and ulnar of the
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* Twentieth Century Practice of Medicine, xiii. 37G.
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to amateurs under the control of political machines
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persisted in till a cure is obtained. Closure of the

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