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Medical Association of Missouri. — The forty-fifth an-

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F. C. Cook, passed assistant surgeon. Detached from

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Deprived of their just share of inhibitory powers, lacking in

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tive treatment. (9) The possibility of operating in the earliest

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difficulty — hemorrhage — could be easily over-

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in the three parishes of Chelsea, Fulham and Kensing-

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ble to future disease than it was originally, but in

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At a meeting of the board of estimate, held .June 0,

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hospitals. An excessive growth of hair on the upper lip was noted

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remedy which may be used freely, without fear of doing harm.

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ment that the fact of glycerinated lymph being pro-

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When to Operate for Ripe Senile Cataract, the Other

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This applies to the fibres belonging to the auricle

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was delivered of a six-months-old fetus in a macerated condi-

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4 Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Allied Sciences, published at

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Flatfoot is present. Since wearing a plate for the flat-

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As Pfeiffer 3 noted, in the early stage of the disease,

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22.3, Bradford 18.9, Leeds 19.3, Sheffield 19.1, Hull 15.3,

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In the seventy-six great, towns of England and Wales,

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ation, or by voluntary private contributions, as is

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Henry D. Holton, of Vermont, who has served on the three

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By leading members of the Medical Profession throughout

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Hospital. He went to Egypt as a member of the sani-

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1902, granting Surgeon Williams leave of absence for ten

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radius gives it the position known as the "club " hand.

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filtration and extreme blanching of the skin; cases in which there

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third or fourth day. He treated sixteen cases during the winter

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tology, Cott, G. F., 619; treatment, Smith, A. A., 619.

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to urea, 1 to 19 ; color, normal ; phosphates, 3.07 ; chlo-

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31, 1903) read a paper with this title. As a predisposing cause

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ing citizen for nearly thirty years. He was a member of the

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If I ever bore it, I regard it as a kind of emeritus honor,

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scientific pursuits, in which he attained considerable

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Gerald Keating of the fakirs who are trading on the name of

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H. Hochhaus (Archiv klin. Med., Bd. lxxiv) carefully exam-

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With regard to the second rule, — : protection of

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two could not for independent reasons be operated on, and both

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vermiformis: discussion of its origin and its relation to appendicitis, 134.

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Health for the Philippine Islands, 84; a notable address on conscious-

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York, in 1853, and was consulting physician to Trinity

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it towards the centre of circulation — the heart.

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gr. xxiv in albolene or benzoinol *j. Thirty minims is injected

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residence in Nyack-on-the-Hudson, on May 1, in the sixty-

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tal limb axis, instead of as in the lower fishes only

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only act through the influence of the gland. He would not go

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wise perfectly healthy. The condition may persist after all other

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arm on the left side of the brain near the top and a little

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