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At the trial of Hurd, Dr. B. T. Sanborn, who had had
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he was unable, a year or more ago, to count fingers,
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tion of the inflammation being the most important elements.
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direct stimulation* of the secretory epithelium of the kidney, the
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tion gone. No dizziness nor pain on pressing both vagi.
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quently gain access to the system in severe cases of
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up. Has had incontinence since. Legs were not para-
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The blood had first been poured out over the "leg cen-
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private practice, where the mortality reports remain almost where
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Remittance should be made by money-order, draft or registered
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cavity after the opening of the incision, reunition having
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(3) Where, in the opinion of the board, should anew
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The death-rate ranged from 7.2 in Waltharnstow to 27.0
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which he of all men is most justly entitled to in the
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This patient did not lose in flesh to any great extent. Do not be-
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convenience, enclosed in a substantial leather case.
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visited the Finsen Institute, and while the results
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3. Continuous vision, because the other lens is usually
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A prominent manufacturer of wines in Berlin has been
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The belief that typhoid fever is a specific disease has existed
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shirt produced distress in the epigastrium, nausea and
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turn increase the bleeding and the nervous excitement.
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3. Sections of an excised comedo, of an early acne papule, of
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two torches shall be of forty pounds weight; and all
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are more often seen than the bulbous processes, and are suf-
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bed in the night, became weak and dizzy, and fell to the
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