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Robert Cory, M.A.. M.D., Cantab., F.K.C.P., London, p. 65. '.
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logical problems of profound importance. The views enunciated
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right fails to react to light. The gait is unsteady, and
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to give but small amounts of fluids. He rep< >rts three cases where
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ation in non-fatal cases, was about thirty-two days.
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opiates, unknown to her, with no bad results. I would, however,
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tarn in from the spermatozoa of accipensei stellatus
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the forearms partly flexed, with slight flexion of the
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ated on the left lower eyelid, and its removal had been advised. A
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In the first place, nowhere in the world does the child occupy
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sickness amended so that it shall be for one month and twenty-
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i he fourth of the name, Is entering on his father's pro-
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the normal skin — a degeneration of the cell ele-
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months, she has had attacks of pain in the right hypo-
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its utility in cases of hypersecretion, hyperacidity,
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Vice-President, Hugh T. Patrick, M.D,, Chicago, 111. j Sec-
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violet zone of the spectrum; (3) actinic rays derived from high-
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the Boston City Hospital Dec. 18, 1897, from the Eye
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in typhoid fever, Sears, G. G.,614; eleven acute and eighteen chronic-
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Peckham, C. T., surgeon. Granted leave of absence for
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King, W. W., assistant surgeon. Granted leave of ab-
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displaced uterus, the only precaution to be observed
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haustion of the vasomotor center. Neither the heart muscle nor
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cious dulness over the lower lobe of the right lung be-
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affected. Adrenalin reenforces and intensifies the action of
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as it was by birthrate alone in the days before immigration.
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considerably and caused stiffness of the leg. He had
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other civil employees of the government to obtain that
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are diminishing in frequency, are often semi-solid, are
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noticed tingling and numbness in the left hand, and
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puration ; in peripheral suppurations it is not pronounced, but is
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numbness and cramps in her hands, which lasted about

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