Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

give place, in the near future, to investigations of

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diarrhea is a symptom of, is usually coincident with certain condi-

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Streptococci, further investigations concerning 469

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which in some insane individuals is ever present, which may

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to the Columbus Hospital, New York. Illustrated with 227 Illustrations.

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the condition was little changed. A tampon of cotton-wool

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E. M. Holmes (Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, March

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Acute Dilatation <,f die Stomach. By m. Campbell

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large body is not sought for unless it gives clear symptoms of

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bottom of the bursa, where it extended over the pelvic

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never takes with him his hemoglobinuric attachment; when he goes

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dealer that all cows producing milk which he sells have been

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Stadfeldt. Lea Mater Diti .s, illustresparla Statistique de 25ans

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the strychnia injections. His reply was that in three

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are for sale in dry-goods stores and can be steril-

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the milk of old age, still it makes the old feel young.

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essentials of the patient's attitude may be studied,

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still, to hold and rub the leg, and be unable to take

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Skin of fingers shiny ; nails somewhat clubbed. Slight

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formula is given, and the preparation is advertised in a strictly ethical

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Even when we come to the secondary symptoms in women,

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it has its place, and it is a late place. Given out

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ers. By F. H. Davenport, A.B., M.D. Fourth edition,

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Brighton 24.3, Portsmouth 19.5, Southampton 24.2, Bristol

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to inquire into the Subject of Vaccination, with Minutes of Evi-

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