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R. B. Osgood will read on " Lesions of the Tibial Tubercle
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subsidence of all symptoms. The total mortality was 28.31 per
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the lids should be slightly separated sufficiently to allow the
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the pelvis, more distinctly by the diseased than by the
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surgery, Burrell, H. L., 108; medicine in relation to universities, 163;
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statistics for the Hindu population are fairly com-
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pro die) made the urine antiseptic to the bacteria present in the
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the physician in active practice soon finds that this is only too true.
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and assume charge of the quarantine service at that port.
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broise Pare and his 'limes, 1510-1590," by Stephen Paget; " William
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upward into the upper cervical region. Slight sclerosis
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It is well to remember that cervical adenitis is often caused
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of their malady. The law should provide for a five-years' deten-
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should be as centrally and healthfully located as possible, upon
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teristic case of polymyositis of thirty-three days*
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not word the report to suit myself, but have the report of each
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able to ask if the infecting organism, whether it be
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urinary solid constituents excreted. The urine com-
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had loss of appetite and uncomfortable feeling in the
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sight and sights, beauty and beauties, — these are
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the Cavite Naval Station and ordered to the " New Or-
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the infinite variety of the clinical manifestations of
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externally or internally, but finally comes to the conclusion to
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to be avoided, and, finally, the pertinent question
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Is the Dislocation of the Lens into the Vitreous Ever
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insanity, our alienists and asylum physicians all over the country
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sleepy and stupid most of the time ; left leg paralyzed.
locked-up secretions ; the suffused conjunctivae, excited appear-
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Clinical Medicine, Pathology and Hygiene will meet in
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in hot sterile water until ready to make the injec-
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Language. The need of a wider knowledge of language, 112.
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ler Hospital, Presented to the Corporation at its Fifty-
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and Bibliography of Yellow Fever in Europe. May, 1902.
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present there is no infiltration, but if such be the case the appen-
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nating there, eventuallj assumed a definite direction, that class
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sleep. When the pack is removed he can have an alcohol rub or
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Deeds to lie repeated but a few times if labor pro-
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oring are equally enervating. In taking up the question of
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the lung, producing a hepato-pulmonary abscess. In 15 of these
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other markedly injurious effects. Hence alcohol must be regarded
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Obntetrios. Report on progress in obstetrics, Higgins, F. A., 326.

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