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rounded, and if these are particularly unfavorable,

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vein. May 9: Died suddenly, thirty-six days after the

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ness his appointed part — first fastened upon George

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cation year after year, ami the results given serve well for

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Of the eight experimental cases, in only two was there partial cut-

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and by all odds the most important is the low white

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Cutaneous System. A variety of skin lesions treated by x-ray, Meek.

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Provincial Boards of Health of North America will be

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to this group, it has its own distinct individuality,

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either in local hopelessness of the disease, in ab-

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lishment of a public hospital in the Borough of the

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are capable of entering the tonsillar tissue proper,

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ject, describing the varieties of congenital deform-

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the theories as to the origin of the respiratory mur-

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irregular elevation of temperature, which apparently subsided,

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pects of abdominal disease, for it presents no definite

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statements and reports. But it must be borne in mind that prac-

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tion, pleurisy as a complication of typhoid is rare

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