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pyloric stenosis is the type, but unless the disease
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infectious diseases of some sort are rarely absent.
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just to the inner side of the ureteral orifice, once,
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M.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine in the University of
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arm and leg were paralyzed. Improvement began almost at once
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malarial sections who have not begun the use of the microscope,
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nance to the child, a crime under the laws of the State of Georgia.
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Thomas McCrae (American Journal of the Medical Sciences,
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of cold compresses to the head are useful in mania has long been
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tion from Colonel Hoff was sent to us by an old and valued
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urges the need of more effective protection against
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C. Biddle, surgeon. Detached from recruiting duty in
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stances takes place. Regarding the action of the diuretics he
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about a slight separation, and 20 kilogrammes a separation of one
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the mere sight of food or mastication of food with-
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ducing vomiting. Moreover, it is likely to cause two unfortunate
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U. S. Army, Navy, and Marine Hospital Services; Hospitals in New
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tion of those arising from its social use. I can only
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tively greater frequency in the more severe and protracted cases
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she has paroxysms of intense pain, of brief duration,
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McLaughlin, A. J., assistant surgeon. To proceed to
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of cancer of the stomach. He was sixty-five years of age,
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then this howse is to deale & compound with some
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reckon the incubation period to the date of the ap-
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rected to the general system first, and later directly to
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about, but will confine my paper to the clinical results as they
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and pulseless. In striking contrast to the arteries
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its quantity, to the loss of this peculiar function of

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