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* 'i aberculosli of the Genlto-Urinarj Organs, ikit, p. 100.
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1902), to increase the quantity and variety of food as quickly
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present day, comprising of course attention to diet and hygiene,
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all offenders alike. If one defective must hang for his crime,
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ends were held in position by three sutures of fine
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18, 1902, directing Assistant Surgeon Grubbs to assume
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were to an internal massage. The resulting pressure also acts
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the patient of needed rest, causing alarm and actual pain, and
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at night one or two doses of ten to twenty drops of
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account of evidence of malignancy, as in the first case; and
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cases of gouty bursitis ; one case of parotitis ; one
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ment very considerably, and Finsen has met with success from
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formed into dogs ; suggest to him that he is in the
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by the exclusion of the violet and ultraviolet rays
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found in the hemoglobinuric type of fever; the tertian and quar-
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as big as a hen's egg was detected on the anterior lip of the cervix.
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also alone in the nails, but such a diagnosis is in
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and other observers are sufficiently baffling to show
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there were no enlarged or tender glands in the right
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labor easy, choice old goose grease being highly esteemed by
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soon disappeared when the patient was admitted into hospital,
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case rests is — Did the giving of chloroform cause
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to 2000 cubic centimeters, and remained free from albumen.
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Roger Clerk should be led through the middle of the
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typhoid fever in London, tend to show, says the Philadelphia
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and we do not wish to be compelled to glean a large
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patient was admitted to the hospital, and confirmed
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* Journal of the American Medical Association, Feb. 22, 1902.
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(Cox) was run from the main connection with a D'Arsonval high-
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tice. He was in the habit of mixing his medicines in a bath-tub

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