Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

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of this country on its discovery, who, legend tells us, were also in

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ill she opened an old trunk in an attic, which contained clothing

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Case X. Female, age 21 ; single. Never ill ; negative

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sence for one month from July 17, 1902, on account of

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in her profession aud all that pertained thereto, and devo-

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tion. It accumulates in the splanchnic area, and if in sufficient

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brings. Objection to their entrance into the smaller

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have been fulfilled. In most examples recorded of its use this

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difficulty aroused, and at once dropped off to sleep.

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All communications regarding papers, reports, etc., should be addressed to the Editor

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ical profession and the State creates the responsi-

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they were twenty years ago. I have no means of knowing except

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The intermediate form of nephritis (large white kidney) shows

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disease. In well developed cases the ray will improve the condi-

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first to the physiological side of the question and citing the early

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to adopt a standard of intensity of exposure which,


This bequest, liberal in its provisions and yet ab-

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sections, conscious of their traditions and directed

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tainly, if the most recent statistics are correct, we

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usual;' she gave her music lessons in the afternoon, but

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Eighth Annual Meeting, Jan. 22, 1902, Providence, R. I.

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Of I )r I I II I HI I ]',. I I OWai O, WHO iOBlKUCU IV >" i "...<-< wo v/i

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The object of this department is to place before the

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Court. And this Court doth further order that ev'ry

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Associate f'rofessor of Medicine in the Johns Hopkins University.

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being taken by lymphoid cells or connective tissue cells. Very

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