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on record one more series of cases, and it is one of
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trauma,, or, after emaciation, it may be due to ab-
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and menstruation, there being an abundance of theories which
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pain or paroxysm is but the signal telegraphed from the offending
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poisons which act as causative agents are those of alcohol, rheu-
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thus in doses of five drops with or without tincture of digitalis;
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1898, she was conflm d in the Boston City Hospital ten
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the name " myositis " is misleading, as the deposit
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Sprague, E. K., passed assistant surgeon. To assume
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to say, " What an ugly fellow he must have been ! "
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sential factor (except in cases of recognized local
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external hemorrhoids which covered black internal hemorrhoids.
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condition, is not too aged, and there is not a spe-
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resort to see if we could get any light on the case.
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end of the third week she was taken with severe hypogastric
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tion. Jaundice, as in cholelithiasis, may be either absent or pres-
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cate that wants the concession consists mainly of Chinamen of
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to light and distance normally. Heart: Apex in fifth
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only by the examination of the sputum for influenza bacilli. The
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latent gonorrhea ; that, if so, you will infect her
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Solution of formaline had, just previous to the :ip-
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lating to the effects of school life that are at once
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when a child is having a very severe attack of whoop-
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cent alleged increase of the disease, it is pointed
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Boston in her efforts to found the New England Hospital
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strated, and in other countries they have been regarded as crim-
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noted some good results, and I may say in this connection that I
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oversight of the children of wealthy parents.... 895
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Finally, by this method we are enabled l>y reason of
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yellowish-grey, like a flintstone. It cuts like sole
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extent vegetables are digested, or whether they pass unchanged
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mal, quantity of amniotic liquid not much in excess,
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some irritation from the upper edge of the jacket he

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