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the disease, especially in adults, where measles is

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irregular elevation of temperature, which apparently subsided,

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which a cure was obtained by the use of solution adrenalin

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during life. In his own case the patient, a woman aged forty-two.

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soon as the film is perfectly dry a quantity of one-per-cent aqueous

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Maximowitch und Rieder. Arch. f. klin. Med., xlvi, 329.

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ing citizen for nearly thirty years. He was a member of the

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attempt was made by a surgeon in Ireland to separate

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Cirrhosis. The symptoms and treatment of hepatic cirrhosis in the light

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was caused by overwork. Her mother died at sixty-two

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rule the helpless victim of disease, is held to deserve

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in the fall or early winter when the serious work of the

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Hospital; the New York Association for improving the

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after operation, and hence in a certain sense incurable; but in

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these phenomena were more readily induced by press-

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to say that any pathogenetic relationship exists between chronic

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The posterior part of the deltoid is also distinctly

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wakefulness, greater capacity for mental labor, and increased

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with multiple abscesses of the liver 1 to 2 and 3 cm. in

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extended to the human species and the same line of reasoning

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other evidences of insidious changes in the uveal tract.

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period as a young man he was rather dissipated, but

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dejections, and also the fact that the previous ob-

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from hospital with biliary fistula April 2:!, 18!S6. Fis-

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of its constitutional duties ' ' the development and

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these cases shows the secretion to be abnormal. In the majority

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