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eventually be put into practice. He suggests that a national board
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The occasions are many, however, in which for varying periods
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not altogether left my legs, although there is more freedom
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cough and raised considerable foul-tasting material.
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cause for failure to make the diagnosis of syphilis
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the elevation of the standard and the uniformity of the act in
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thicker hitcilli with polar staining and clear inter-
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adopted and prove insufficient, the operation could
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pathological and medico-legal interest of the case?
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will, in the great majority of cases, show the posi-
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class of cases in which the free discharge of pus from the ulcers is
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fatty degeneration of the organs of the body, and the
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annual meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, March 28 and 29.
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Observation III. Female, 40, married, of Irish par-
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Pearson, D. R. Transactions Chirurgical Society of London, 1883,
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9. He was born in New Hampshire Dec. 30, 1809, and had
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aged. Von Noorden indeed rides roughshod over much that has hitherto
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The diagnosis should be arrived at before the treatment of
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fund of $200,000 to avert the contemplated legislation.
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Reddening of trigone and puffin ess of right ureteral
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liant one, but it gave promise of a far greater amount
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has largely evolved within this period. There are more benign
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of retrodisplacements of the uterus, Goffe, J. R., 465; operations on the
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extended two fingers' breadth below the costal arch.
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age of thirty-one. He was a native of England and a grad-
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series is shown in the primitive mesenchymal anlage,
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Clinical Gastro-Enterology in the Detroit College of Medi-
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Remittance should be made by money-order, draft or registered
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dogs killed with ether after they had been, to all appearances, dead
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of the writer's purpose. The colored area includes the territory
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old dietetic treatment of acute coryza, 683; measures for the protection of
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Through an accident no quantitative tests are made.
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to an increase splitting up of proteids, as the nitro-
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Noble, M.D., Surgeon-in-Chief, Kensington Hospital for
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man and the richest citizen along the shores of the
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hyperesthesia in both arms, and to a lesser degree over
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plantar reflexes increased, and ankle clonus was pres-

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