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half inches back of the outer canthus. The flap was
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larity of some cases of eclampsia to those of septic intoxication
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though I have seen a number of patients who have submitted to
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under the head of Diagnosis, the writer says : " If
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Four classifications of pus, according to B. Merrill Ricketts
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features — to quote Kibbe: "Capillary dilatation,
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ently due to general enlargement. Could the patient
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foul pus; several smaller but not softened glands felt.
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and there were many nucleated cells, the megaloblasts
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say, loss of flesh, it diminishes the milk flow and
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cyclopedic in character, and that this later edition
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with irregularly scattered accumulations of endothe-
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A Manual of Ophthalmoscopy for Students and General
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from the " Illinois " and ordered to the " Chicago."
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may be useful. Morphine is only used when all else fails.
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discharge on the surface might favor the penetration of the skin
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but what the profession and humanity need are unbiased, truth-
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ciliary muscle removed, or the scar may show that the incision
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the kidneys to carry on their function sufficiently
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spondents calls for, is for you and your readers to
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Hesse. Arch, f . Anat. u. Entwickelung., 1880, p. 344.
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correct. The writer says that of 159 cases reported of serious
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use of sizes too small will jeopardize the firmness
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fourth Annual Report of the State Board of Health of the
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cated to man, and is probably not the ordinary "fly disease," since
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Remittance should be made by money-order, draft or registered

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