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very rapidly by the lungs, and does not damage inflamed

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ice in this direction must be controlled by the following circumstance:

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MLitter Lectures, " no substance has been discovered

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whitish fibres. Stem crooked, round, slender, jointed,

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their proper positions. This is essential about the elbow joint, as we

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Displacement of the Heart and Syncope in Exudative Pleuritis.

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farmers' clubs have been organized. We believe the school is making

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cation, first of the membership, then of legislators,

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therapy. Quinin in large doses (gr. x — O.f>o) ever\' four hours should Ik* given if

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history was good. He had never been sick but once, and that

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Are there any auscultatory signs of this process of adhesion,

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cattle market. To be sure, a good proportion of these cows are of a

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**near-sight" is blurred and indistinct. This can be corrected by a o.mvex

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surfaces ; and the thinnest possible slices may be removed by a

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It is true that among all the authors who spoke of congress almost all of

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lymph. As briefly as possible I will now trace the se-

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of fever, that the case was almost hopeless. What ! is it possible that

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one-twentieth its weight of mold powder, no separation of glucosa-

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tian of ** fibrin, ferments and nucleus," and is generally of a mild

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mention but few of the names most eminent during this

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atrophy either senile or occurring in youthful individuals

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chloroform, she might have escaped what I deemed so imminent.

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any physician, in any language. Award to be determined by a

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bolism led to a reflex paralysis of the spinal centre— pro-

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(Quincke); pain in the left arm (rarely in the right) in

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A third or capillary form of hemorrhage may occur in phthisis with cariiy

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morbid anatomy resembles to some extent that of trypanosomiasis ; and that

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Following the experiment in which all the pigs on cotton-seed meal

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