Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

petitioned the president, January 2, that one member of the

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the use of ether, are absent in the vast majority of chloroform

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— The fifteenth annual meeting of this association will

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lid, a definite, tough, dirty white, closely adherent

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in Edinburgh in 1833, and in the following year went to Aus-

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pick up medical books in cases, I am willing to confess

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of the patient. He answered questions quickly on being

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tilated themselves, but they also deprive the other house of its

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we shall present a review of the principal American

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sults. One of them was a particularly bad case. She had been

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outlined, but was enlarged. The patient's condition

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renal cases in which only preliminary phloridzins were

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versity of Buffalo ; Clinical Pathologist to the New York

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served previously after a milk breakfast. The original

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lion dollars in case their proposition was accepted.

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histological examination. The patient came for pres-

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rapid pulse indicated extensive bronchial and prob-

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ligament forming the only connection between the uterus and the

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17. Macdonald. The Therapeutics of Chronic Laryngitis. Inter-

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