Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

sylvania Medical School, where he distinguished him-

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physician and surgeon-in-chief to a new hospital which the mer-

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theory thus far promulgated be or be not correct has little to do

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it necessary to replace the womb and use massage every two or

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Medical School, and of all the teachers in the faculty

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not tender at any point and showed no abnormality. In

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O. Miller (Archiv fiir klin, Medicin, 1902, Bd. 74) found that

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Ten-per-cent ichthyol vasogen has been extensively used, and

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case ; crisis occurred five days later, while no mention was made

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" as we do well recollect. But, dearest children, see-

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in the hospital, is an illustration, but at the pres-

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thigh are patches of brown pigmentation, irregular in size, aver-

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sations, overwhelming emotions, and vexatious thoughts. Never-

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micturition frequent, but there appears sudden retention in conse-

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ton City Hospital and in the Out- Patient Clinic of

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Quinine irrigations afforded the most satisfactory means of treat-

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that before I began its use in practice the dicrotic pulse was my

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flashes of light, mental dulness with exhaustion of mind, disinclin-

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4. An Abdominal Support with a Pneumatic Rubber Pad:- —

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he showed good muscular development and stood erect.

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