Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

ditions in which a difference is made by operation.
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A new fellowship in medicine of the annual value of $1200,
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made assistant visiting physician to the Sloane Mater-
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ness which had extended over several years. Dr. Ord
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to separate them and get skin flap enough to cover the
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certainly, and fifteen more probably, or in all from
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of clothes; one for the examination of patients, which includes
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vantage in the way of better diagnosis is gained to
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water, in an atmosphere of common air, under the conditions of
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held 1. From smallpox, New York 3, Philadelphia 15, Bos-
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In cases of pneumonia, according to H. W. Cook (Johns Hop-
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depressed feelings resulting from imaginary depravities.
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nal of May 2, 1895, concerning antistreptococcic serotherapy, is
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mention briefly a few cases in which I have employed acetozone
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what applies to its causation in man applies equally well to plants,
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Higgins, F. A. Report on progress in obstetrics, 326, 352; observations
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sence of hydrochloric acid. The urine is normal, ex-
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Even should such an ideal state of things come to pass
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the said Mr Doctor Gwyne an yerelie paymt of xli to
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in the air of the city's streets, are of interest, and

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