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extended. October, 1901, slight change in spinal out-

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reflected by mirrors, be of as great value, or even greater, in

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preserved. There is a slight increase of connective tissue both

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W. E. Griffin, assistant surgeon. Detached from the

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said he did not believe that, as claimed, the electric

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whether menstruation in the human being is dependent upon or

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stream is increased in uremia; he urges the estima-

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the reason that patients consult the surgeon earlier

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Christian science ranks with the thousand fallacies that crowd

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volving both legs and both arms. The left leg was the

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standpoint the feasibility of rapid exposure of the

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states of which Illinois is the southern center and

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ing the substance throughout a space as large as the

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Park, R., 78; the great importance of drainage in bullet wounds of intra-

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anything, which we often see in such cases. I present

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the impossibility of completely removing the infected tissue. The

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rhage for 1 day. Out-patient case. Did not send for

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perience with this new therapeutic agent ; its accurate control and

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Ueber rationelle Znsammensetzuiig und therapeutische Ver-

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later became dean of the St. Thomas Hospital Medical

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ologie, only thirteen pages are given to it. At the

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disease of the brain (idiopathic or sympathetic) affecting the

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arm on the left side of the brain near the top and a little

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